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Who We Are


Head Start is a program that was started by the federal government in 1965 as a part of the War on Poverty Campaign.  It is on e of the longest running programs of its nature and has benefited many children and families.   Ascension Head Start has a rich history in the Donaldsonville community.  It began in 1964 as a parish summer program for low-income families.  With success, the program grew in 1981 when it extended to offer year-round services.  In 1983, the grantee for the program changed from the parish of Ascension to the Ascension Parish School Board, as it continues today.  Two hundred fifty-one student seats are offered each school year.  



Provide each student and family the high-quality education and services necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.



To increase student achievement and enhance school readiness, the Ascension Parish Head Start program will collaboratively partner with students and their families, business and industry, and the community to provide an exemplary education with rigorous standards.  It is our vision that:

  • Students will have a safe, positive, caring and learning environment.

  • Students will have the technical and academic skills necessary to compete in the global economy.

  • Students will become productive citizens and life-long learners.